It’s been a while! Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you, though. I’ve been hard at work on the next big update to Neon Solitude. Let me explain what all is going to happen.

So, I’ve been running playtests of the game nearly every week since the game came out. I’ve learned a lot about how the game flows over time and how characters develop. It’s been invaluable and I’m extremely grateful to my RPG group for humoring me.

I’ve realized there are a few improvements that the book needs and deserves. These improvements include updates to the lore, clarification/revision of rules, and additional example content. All of this (and more) is coming very soon.

Also, in what might be the biggest news, I’ve commissioned character portraits from Yuu, an artist friend. They are going into the book along with big layout updates! All of this is culminating in a print edition of Neon Solitude that I hope you’ll love.

All of these updates and the print edition will be available in May. I’m so excited for all of this and I’m grateful for everyone’s support of my game. Thank you!

— Evan