Hello, friends! Neon Solitude is now available! Purchasing it today guarantees you all updates of this 1st edition. I’ll be making some minor changes here and there, but it’s fully playable.

Neon Solitude is a game about living on USGS Legacy, a city-ship meant to be the final refuge of human life in the universe. Players role-play the extraordinary citizens of Legacy that go on noir-flavored, science fiction adventures. They take risks, get hurt, and have turns of fortune that save everyone from complete destruction. They are members of Ronin, a loosely organized group of investigators, peacekeepers, and warriors for hire. They get hired by citizens of Legacy for all sorts of jobs, moral and immoral.

Players make decisions about how to handle situations and roll dice to determine the outcomes. What’s possible is only limited by your imagination (and your character sheet). They’ll interrogate witnesses, jump from speeding cars, sneak into high-security facilities, research long-forgotten secrets, and much more.

All of this is guided by the Game Master, who plays all the other characters in the world. They also describe what the world looks like, what is happening, and how the decisions of the players impact the world. This means that the players are a major part of the game. It all flows from being like a conversation to being like a board game.

The game rules allow for a very freeform approach to interacting with the world and making your personal character. You think of words or phrases that describe your character (“tags”) and then choose how “intense” that tag is. That determines what your character is proficient in and what their weaknesses are. There are no long lists of items or augmentations or gear. You create all of that the same way you created your character.

The only materials required are the digital rulebook, some paper for each player, six poker chips per player, and two six-sided dice per player. Once you’ve got all that, you’re ready to play!

If you’d like to play Neon Solitude, click here to get it.